Welcome to The Cheesemonger’s Table

We will be closed on the evening of the 8th of October at 4:30pm for a private event. We will be back open to serve you delicious cheese & food 11am on the 9th of October. Thank you for your understanding.

Eating Well in Edmonds, 425 Magazine.


The Cheesemonger’s Table is a combination of many wonderful things: a fine artisanal cheese shop, a charcuterie purveyor, a deli, a wine bar, and a pub.

The Herald Net – Favorite local restaurants of 2012. “This gourmet cheese, meat and specialty-items shop serves lunch and dinner and is committed to artisan food and to sourcing local producers. You can have an amazing meal and the chef occasionally surprises with such treats as the black-and-blue cake, which mixes chocolate and gorgonzola – and it totally works.”

Hear Prividence Cicero talk about how she dreams about one of The Table’s great sandwiches.